Jewelry contemporary and Object


Life is embodied in objects which bear witness to and highlight key dates and memories. When I was born, just like every Thais child, I received from my grandmother a gold pendant representing Buddha. Since then it hasn’t never parted from me because of it’s great value for me.This small object has a social essence significant of values, functions and the cultural aesthetics of my country. So it is a symbol of the Buddhist tradition. Despite everything, my pendant exhibited for all to see, often carefully stored in it’s “Kong” (small wooden case), passed from one generation to the next, possessing beyond its social utility, a large personal value, often emotional. It keeps the memory of efforts and sacrifices, honors and awards, a testament to pride or recognition. It is joined by my own story, a cohort of souvenirs, relics of an individual life.Indeed many of us have inherited jewelry handed down from generation to generation at our birth, a birthday, a graduation. This is known as a cultural phenomenon which transcends borders, since we find this in different societies. But we must go further in our reflection to distinguish cultural singularities.. My intention is to emphasize in my artistic process, a reflection on the forms and functions of traditional jewelry within a family in order to be able to consider other representations and ways to design. I wanted to introduce the following problem: how can we transform the traditional aesthetics and function of the intergenerational secular or religious jewel in order to bring it into a more contemporary world?
The first part of my presentation will focus on developing a reflection on the functions and aesthetics of family jewelry handed down from generation to generation in my own culture. The second phase of my development will envisage the jewel from an inter-cultural perspective of my adopted culture (FRANCE) and its equivalents and singularities. Finally, in my last section I will outline contemporary cultural references which have enabled me to clarify my artistic approach.